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A letter from our Directors with love  to you.....


We created Yoga Life   to share the meaning of a Traditional Yoga pactice to those that regard it as simply a physical exercise. We know that the benefits of yoga are many. When practiced daily yoga can not only tone the body but also bring a sense of tranquility to the mind and peace to the spirit. It’s all about Awareness!


Monte Vista Retreat Center provides the ideal surrounding for Yoga Life to grow and flourish.  Our caring and friendly staff will guide you on your life changing journey into the heart of your Self.  


We know the importiance that a healthy lifestyle can offer.  With various programs to suit your individual needs, and educated professionals to guide you through each life changing process, we are here for you from the beginning of your journey until the time comes for you to move on and into your new life.  


Many of our life’s problems and concerns can be solved by simply being more aware of our daily routines and surroundings.  We know that yoga is much more than just a physical practice. It is a way of leading your life to the path of consciousness and awareness. And from that point of view, Yoga should be practiced at every moment. Yoga is living! Through your own yoga practice we encourage you to find your way to the path of awareness. Learning is a lifetime process. 


Our goal here is to provide participants with a place to activate your being physically, mentally, and spiritually. We provide an environment where awareness will arise by itself in a natural way on and off your mat. It is very important that we learn to stop striving to become something that we are not. Be here, in the now, be present in this moment, because this moment is all we have. Be Aware!


At Yoga Life, we teach a traditional style of hatha yoga.  An integral style of yoga which blends, breath work, relaxation and meditation throughout your yoga class and our classes are suitable for everyone, beginner to advanced.


Get Inspired ! 


Namaste with Love, 


Andy & Jackie




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